VAULT is a software to maintain your complete persoanl wealth. Although VAULT can be used by any person, the software has been designed to benefit any individual with a monthly income of, say, Rs. 15,000/- and above.
It is not at all necessary to have a lot of wealth first to manage it.
Verify is a software to maintain the fixed assets register as required by the Companies Act, 1956. Verify also helps to maintain records for preparing Fixed Assets Schedule as per the Income Tax Act. This software has been developed in consultation with Chartered Accountants and other experts in this field.
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A Software to monitor and manage time spent on specific work done. The software analyses the productivity of each staff member as well as each client. It generates several reports, and graphs giving clientwise and staffwise, time & productivity analysis. The Software is extremely easy to use and requires only a few minutes of each staff. It has several powerpacked features such as Billing, Outstandings analysis, circulars to clients, Work appointments & task scheduling, etc. This is a useful tool to supervise & track